The ARMOURS project is committed to the development of novel technologies for the implementation of future multi-frequency PRS receivers, filling some of the technological gaps to enable affordable and robust solutions for future demanding applications relying on the continuous availability of the PRS service. Target segments are Low-End and Medium-End PRS receiver implementations, with the widest potential market in the PRS application domain. The developments that will be addressed in the frame of the project aim to give a tangible response to the problem of low-cost implementation of multi-frequency radio modules for professional applications. More precisely, ARMOURS will design, develop and integrate compact multi-frequency antenna and FE modules for PRS applications relying on advances beyond the state-of-the-art in the fields of broadband multi-frequency GNSS FE ASIC, MEMS RF filtering for GNSS applications, and smart wearable as well as ultra-miniaturized antennas at multiple GNSS frequencies.


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